Pneumatic Bench Mounted Single Sided Vacuum Clamp VC4 by V-Clamp

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Available in fixed or double sided kits, the V-Clamps are designed to hold non-porous objects using compressed air. Simply connect up to your compressed air supply. There are no moving parts inside the clamps, the only wearable component is the replaceable rubber seal. Use multiple clamps running from one air supply for larger pieces. Retrofit them to your CNC machine to give flexibility. Made from injection moulded nylon. so it won’t damage cutters or your workpiece.

The fixed unit (VC4) is ideal for industry and frequent use applications. Having no moving parts inside means that reliability is excellent. This is the most economical of the clamps to run, yet gives outstanding performance. The V-clamps are ideal for use on CNC Routing Machines, the unit can be bolted to a T Slot Section and then moved to any position. The VC5 has added flexibility of being placed anywhere.


  • The VC5 has two vacuum generators built into the clamp body, one for each side. This means that the clamp will hold itself down on a flat non porous surface, and clamp your workpiece. Naturally enough it will work at any angle
  • Ambient air pressure is the clamping force. Air pressure at sea level is about 1kg per square centimetre (about 14.7 psi). So a clamp using the full face can exert a holding force of up to 150kg (330lbs). Smaller areas will give less clamping force

These can be used in conjunction with other machinery and supports to achieve some rather interesting clamping solutions. Some examples are shown below:-

  • Virutex SVN460
  • Virutex SVN470
  • Adamik Power Clamp
  • VC4 on a Veritas Woodcarvers Vice

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1 x 3Pce Spare Seal / Gasket Set, 1 x VC4 Clamp, Air supply tube with a 1/4″ pneumatic connection.

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