Pneumatic Tilting + Swivelling Vacuum Clamp SVN460 by Virutex

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Pneumatic Tilting & Swivelling Vacuum Clamping System SVN460 by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain.

The SVN460 multiple fastening system consists of an SVN250 basic system fitted on a tilting and swivelling support. The SVN460 allows you to machine the edges and surface of the part without changing the grip. It includes an air distributor with four free sockets, which allows the connection of SVN250 or SVN470 auxiliary units, equipped with valve and quick connector to the pneumatic system. Also included in the equipment is a G-clamp for quick clamping of the SVN460 system to the workbench and a set of three rubber seals of different perimeters. Available with the option of a set of four screws for fitting an SVN250 on the base (0999102).


  • Fixing Plate Size: 150x150mm

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Weight6.7 kg
Dimensions220 × 280 × 290 mm



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