General Purpose Suction Spray Gun P-102 by Workquip

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General Purpose Suction Spray Gun P-102 by Workquip
Suitable for spraying Lacquer, Adhesives, Glues and Fillers
  • Includes Double Set Up
    • 1.8mm Nozzle (suit spraying lacquer)
    • 2.5mm Nozzle (suit spraying glue and fillers)
  •  Stainless Steel Needle & Nozzle
  • Adjustable Air Regulator
  • Adjustable Fan Control
  • Compressor: 12cfm, 2.5hp
  • Air Consumption: 7 l/s (420 l/m)

Spare Parts:-

      • Spray Gun Service Kit SA102
      • Air Cap Set 1.8mm XP102-01
      • Fluid Nozzle 1.8mm XP102-02
      • Fluid Nozzle Gasket XP102-04
      • Packing for Needle XP102-05
      • Spreader Adjusting Valve XP102-08
      • Housing for P-102 XP102-10
      • Fluid Needle 1.8mm XP10.2-11
      • Spring Fluid Needle XP102-12Fluid Adjusting Knob XP102-13
      • Air Adjusting Assembly XP102-14
      • Trigger Screw XP102-15
      • Trigger Stud XP102-16
      • Air Valve Spring XP102-18
      • Air Valve Assembly XP102-20
      • Nipple Fluid Inlet XP102-21
      • Nipple Air Inlet XP102-22
      • Air Cap .5mm XP102G-01-2
      • Fluid Nozzle 2.5mm XP102G-02-2
      • Fluid Needle 2.5mm XP102G-11-2
      • Baffle XP102-03




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