2000kg Arbor Press 2TAP by Borum

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2000kg Arbor Press 2TAP by Borum

The Borum Arbor Press is a small hand operated press that is typically used to perform small press jobs, such as staking, riveting, installing, configuring and removing bearings and other press fit work. This Borum Arbor Press is perfect for sheet metal forming with a machined 4 position bottom plate that is perfectly perpendicular to the ram that has the proper opening for most broaches to push through. This arbor press comes with a solid, case hardened ram for perfect presses every time and offers years of factory use at full capacity. All Borum Arbor Presses can be bench or pedestal mounted.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Cast Iron frame
  • Precision machined square ram
  • 4 position swivel anvil base
  • Easy to operate


  • Safe Working Capacity: 2,000kg
  • Distance between base and top 9.5″/229mm
  • Maximum height & diameter: 180 x 123mm
  • Anvil Slot Widths: 23 / 23 / 23 / 38mm
  • Press Height: 445mm
  • Ram Square: 32 x 32mm
  • Base Dimension: 432 x 260mm
  • Weight: 36kg
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