Hex Key Sets

Hex key sets, also known as allen key sets, are essential for any workshop. Whether it’s your at-home workshop in the garage or shed, a job-site workshop, or professional trade workshop, hex keys and allen keys are crucial pieces for completing jobs big or small.

For the more heavy-duty jobs, t-handle hex key sets and torx key sets are ideal. T-handle key sets come with corrosion protection and maximum torque. Put some elbow grease into using these sets for the more challenging jobs.

For more advanced hex key sets manufactured from S2 Steel, Ball Joint Hex Key & Wrench Sets and Torx Key Sets get the job done. Choose from 9-piece hex key sets of varying lengths for added efficiency, or comprehensive sets of 25 and 30 pieces. Jumbo Key Wrench sets are also available in a 13-piece set with different colour codes for easy identification.

If you’re looking for a hex key set or allen key set that’s portable and handy for everyday needs, we have a range of small Hex Key Sets and Tamperproof Torx sets are perfect for your pocket or work bag. Our mini hex key sets come in a basic set of 7 pieces, or foldable sets of 6 and 7 pieces (with the option to include an 8-piece ¼” Hex Drive set). Hex key sets are offered in both imperial and metric measurements. Mini Tamperproof Torx sets and foldable sets come in 8 and 10 pieces. There are Bit Sets, Hex Socket Sets, and a combination of torx and hex key sets available.

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Showing 1–20 of 33 results