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Have you finished your Christmas List yet? Have you started shopping? Or are you like us – and leave it until last minute?

That’s OKAY – because we have you covered! Explore our massive ware house in store or shop online while listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album in bed in-between watching your Christmas Netflix Movies.

Shop our Christmas Category (Sale Flyer + Gifts under $350 + Gifts under $25): Link Here

We are open EVERY DAY lead up to Christmas! Monday – Friday 7-5pm + Saturday 7:30-4pm + Sunday 11-4pm.

On behalf of Jaccra Group and Beyond Tools – we’d like to wish our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holiday

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Beyond Tools has been in the #PowerTools Retail A-game for over 32 years now and they are not slowing down!

With the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day Sales – we want to offer our customers the chance to win BIG. With 3 in store promotions happening until the new year.

Promotion One: Win a LXT OPE Power Garden Gift Pack valued at over $2,100. Kit includes DUH551Z, DUC302, DUR364, DUM168, DLM460PG2.

How to enter: Purchase 18V Makita Kit and Makita Accessory in store only!

Promotion Two: Win a DJ1 SPARK Drone + $150 Beyond Tools Gift Voucher valued at $1,000 with Bosch if you spend $400 on Bosch in store only for automatically entry.

Promotion Three: Win a JETSKI!! NEED WE SAY MORE… How to enter? Shop in store only to automatically go into the entry by spending $500 or more.


Happy Shopping Friends!

Don’t forget – Keep social media updated. Like our facebook page @beyondtools and follow us on instagram @beyondtools.

Shop online here:

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The Kincrome ‘Advent Calendar’ Find GOLD & WIN instantly!

Christmas is right around the corner!

This year Kincrome is offering you the chance to WIN big!

Simply visit us instore (23 Exhibition Drive, Malaga) and pick up a Kincrome limited edition Advent Calendar 33pce 1/4″ socket drive & bit set.

If you find a gold ratchet or socket, you’ll win instantly!

Find out more by clicking here:

Make sure to check our social media pages to keep up-to-date with future competitions and sales.

Instagram: @beyondtools


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That time of year has come and gone already… The WA Wood Show and WA Craft Show!

The weekend has passed and the BT team geared up for the Wood Show held at Claremont Showgrounds! And boy, what a hit it was!

We had SOOO many brands in the building, all under one roof… Kincrome, Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Dremel, Hardware for Creative, Bahco, Festool, Virutex, just to name a few. And, as for machinery brands, we had our newest brands on display Toughcut, Woodfast group, Rikon, Oltre, and more.

We’d like to thank all our returning customers of 30+ years who attend the show every year, and Claremont Showgrounds.

Below are a few photos.

See ya next year!

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We are so happy to announce the launch of this new innovative and affordable woodworking machinery brand “TOUGHCUT”.

The TOUGHCUT brand was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2017 by Tony Mirabile. The TOUGHCUT brand designs, manufactures and markets a range of high quality machinery for wood and other materials for furniture, joiners, cabinet manufacturers and other woodworking manufactures around the globe Inspired by the Western Australian owned “Tough” family brand, which was synoymous with engineering and production of high quality castings, machinery and equipment from 1912 to 1991. Tony decided on producing a range of TOUGHCUT equipment to be better than the best. Tony has used Tough equipment in his own cabinet making shop since 1974 and drawing on his own furniture making skills along with extensive 30 plus years of sourcing and importing equipment from around the globe. Tony has employed this experience and knowledge of markets and preferences, to embody and amplify it in the brand TOUGHCUT. TOUGHCUT represents all of the MIRABILE family values of hard work, dedication strength and commitment.

Did you know that Western Australia known around-the-world over for its mineral richness-some of the largest natural occurrences of iron ore? Australia is a leading producer of minerals for the world and produces 19 minerals in significant amounts from nearly 400 operating mines.

Western Australia provides all the vital ingredients for producing modern, high quality, high tensile metals. Australia is the world’s leading producer of bauxite, ilmenite, ironore, rutile and zircon; the second largest producer of gold, lead,lithium, manganese ore and zinc; the third largest producer of uranium; the fourth largest producer of black coal (also the largest exporter), nickel and silver; and the fifth largest producer of cobalt, copper and diamond. TOUGHCUT embodies the Australian robustness,producing modern, high tech professional equipment that embraces design, technology and materials,embellished by over 35 years of knowledge of modern market, from Bauxite to Zircon to Rutile and of course Diamond. TOUGHCUT machinery is the true essence of robust quality machinery.

Want to know more info about the brand?
Want to become a reseller in your city?

Visit our website for more information or call +61 (0) 8 9209 7488

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Beyond Tools MAKITA MEGA 3 DAY FLASH SALE! Thursday 16th-Saturday 18th March


We are happy to announce we have a massive Makita 3 DAY MEGA FLASH SALE this week! Starting Thursday 16th until 4pm on Saturday 18th March!

Come join us IN STORE for huge giveaways, demos, Makita reps first-hand advice, power tool accessories, garden tools & batteries + get your product info face-to-face!

Come speak to the experts about your future tools.

Happy shopping folks and don’t forget, we offer AFTERPAY online (shop now, pay later) with 4 easy payment steps,

See you in store tomorrow from 7.30am or take a look around now as we upload the specials…exclusive in store promo’s too! (the prices and deals are just too HOT too advertise)



Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays

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BLOG POST | Happy Valentines Day from US to YOU – Batteries Slashed

It’s that time of year again, wine and dine, presents, company and most of all, loads of LOVE.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I dedicate these love words
Solely to you…”

…BATTERY CLEARANCE ON NOW! Yes, you’ve heard correctly, we’ve got a massive clearance on sale for you!

10-40% off batteries by Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo and Milwaukee! On now until stock lasts or 4pm Saturday 18th February so hurry and get in quick!

Remember, prices are advertised only in-store.

And claim your redemtpions for the following powertool companies below (click on the link):






Happy shopping folks and don’t forget, we offer AFTERPAY online (shop now, pay later) with 4 easy payment steps!


Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays

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BLOG POST | ‘I hear your workshop calling me’ AKA The Drill Driver Comparison Test

Okay so we stock so many different products of Power Tools, ranging from high end professional trade for industry use like Makita, Miluwakee, Dewalt, Festool, Hitachi, Bosch, Metabo, Virutex, to every day DIY handyman home-users like MT Series by Makita. But one thing our customers love to know is the difference, benefits, and features of every different brand we stock.

So, we went out to find a few comparison blog posts comparing different branded Hammer Drills plus have put our own ‘opinion’ to the test.

**Please note: We are an Australian based company so these blogs are catered to target the Australian market. And, that all the pictures may not portray the product code.

1. M18 ONEPD-o Hammer Drill / Driver 13mm (1/2″) by Milwaukee is their latest innovative technology that allows your power tool to sync up to the Milwaukee APP (pre downloaded) which allows the user to activate and drive different settings. Plus it has a Find my Tool GPS hooked up too it! How sweet is that.

2. Festool 18v T18 Cordless Bare Drill / Driver Basic 564605 – You can’t go wrong with having one of these bad boys in your workshop. We couldn’t speak of Festool more highly – it is a perfect tool for a professional trade or for those extreme home-hobbiests. The tool is compact, lightweight and perfectly balanced. Optimum lighting with built in LED lights so you can keep working in dark corners. It’s a YES from us! PLUS we are premium dealers for Festool, so why not shoponline or pop INSTORE

3. Dewalt 18v XR li-Ion DCD985N-XE Bare hammer drill – this is the 3 speed beast which is the latest generation featuring the NEW XR Li-Ion battery technology. This product has 22 positions adjustable controls for optimised precision’s when drilling screws. Can’t go wrong with having a bit of YELLOW to brighten your tool box.

4.  Makita 18v DHP480Z Brushless Hammer Drill Driver – Who said you can never have enough Makita in your life? NO ONE EVER… The high performance brushless DC motor produces more work amount on a single battery charge while also being durable against long continuous operations. It’s apparently the best possible ergonomic handle for driving / drilling applications. Give it a go ya’ll 😉

5. Bosch 18v Brushless Cordless Drill / Driver GSR 18v-EC by Bosch is too a fantastic brand! These powertools are built in with a 2-speed gearbox and flexible power system.

So there it goes folks! Just a few pointers about different brands, features and benefits of power tools. Hope you enjoyed!

Love the Beyond Tools Family.

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BLOG POST | The mighty FIAT 500… A Father and Son story.

A bit of Italian history, a 1969 Fiat 500 Restored by Beyond Tools Staff member Frank and his son Mark:

My Son Mark and I always had a dream of restoring an old car.

One day I was driving through my suburb and I saw an amazing little Fiat 500 parked out the front of someone’s house. I pulled over instantly, got my phone out and called my son Mark to see if he would go look at the Fiat for me. coincidentally he had already seen the same car a couple days earlier, he knew that it required a fair amount of work, but he knew that we had to have it.

After a little negotiating back and forth, great news, we came to an agreement and it was ours! Now the fun began…

As it is such an old vehicle, I spent countless hours searching for parts from all over the globe and I came across a company called Axel Gerstl in Munich. We were both stunned when we found out I can still get the majority of the parts that I needed brand new.

It became a monthly routine, with new parts arriving all the time for the Fiat. The process took a while as mark worked away, so time was limited. We worked on it whenever we had a spare minute. The big push came when mark decided to get married and said ” Dad, we need this car ready for my wedding”. The pressure was on, For 4 weeks Mark would come home from work and straight into the grinding and welding, until finally I received the phone call she is ready to paint.

With the paint underway, I started ordering all interior components required to fit out the interior of the car to get the job done. With only a couple weeks to go we went into panic mode. We had parts arriving at different times. However, within a week we had paint, interior carpet and new seats all done. The only this missing was the window rubbers. After searching online, and time running out, Mark managed to find a local store in Malaga that got them organised for us.

The day before the wedding we thought we had finished it all, at 4.30pm we were ready to do the big test – lets fire her up. The engine cranked and cranked for the next 30 minutes but no avail, it would not start. We were in panic mode calling the mechanic that rebuilt the motor but we got no answer.


 We proceeded to try and get the job finished, and called a good mate of mine who is motor savvy but had no luck either. It’s now 8.30pm and it still wouldn’t start, when finally, Nick, a friend of Marks came over to have a look, AND, still no such luck. He thought maybe the carburettor was blocked or it could have a hole in the float, 10pm came and we found a hole in the float. Out came the super glue for a quick fix and bang off she went fired up and idled. Hooray! Job done, She drove to the wedding safely and the rest is just history on our special little 1969 fiat 500….

The introduction of the Fiat 500 Nuova (500 N) in May of 1957 was the dawn of a new era in the history of the Fiat runabouts. The classic fiat 500 originally made back in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli in Turin.

Over the years there were new models out and a model change came in 1919 called the fiat 501 Balila in 1936 the fiat 500 became better known as the Topolino even Walt Disney fell in love with it and made it mickey mouses car of choice.

This model distinguished itself as a city-car, and became very popular amongst the ladies due to its small size and low petrol consumption. It also had technical, as well as special advantages due to the fact that the engine was now installed in the back of the car. As this engine, which only provided 13 horse-power, was considered too weak by many contemporaries, the Fiat 500 Sport with closed roof and a proud performance of 21.5 horse-powers was made available to more sporty drivers.


In recent times they have recreated the new model fiat 500s in a lot of new models with all new technology and have become very popular little cars again in Australia which is now sold by one of Dream Big Expos’ major sponsors Barbagallo.

THIS is our story.

Frank & Mark.

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Howdy small business owners!

So the time as come for your yearly tax time End of Financial year deductions!
With June 30 less than 4 weeks away, we are calling all small business owners wanting to purchase new products stocking up before the end of June!
How is this beneficial for your company?

  1. An immediate 100% depreciation write off THIS YEAR on equipment under $20,000 purchased & financed before June 30 for companies with a turnover of less than $10mil p/a
  2. If the SMALL BUSINESS STATUS change gets through the senate in its present form, companies with a turnover below $10mil will be able to claim 30% DV depreciation if they actively elect to do so. Check the link to get an overview with how it works.
  3. NO FINANCIALS FAST TRACK FINANCE to ALL companies on a range of assets up to $500,000.

For more information check the Finlease website at



Beyond Tools Digital Team.


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BLOG POST | See you in Melbourne for AWISA 2016

It’s that time of year again – AWISA 2016. It’s a trade show for Australian & New Zealand cabinet, joinery, panel, furniture, and timber industries organised by the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association. This year the exhibition will take place at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 6-9th July.

Beyond Tools has proudly been part of the exhibition since it was established 30 years ago.

AWISA 2016 exhibition will feature leading edge technology with traditional and innovative tools, machinery, equipment and software for the woodworking, signage and associated industries. Us being one of them… our stand will display CNC Routers, Laser machinery, Wide Belt Sanders, Edgebanders and other machinery and associated equipment from world leading brands like Virutex (Manufactured in Spain), Robland (Manufactured in Belgium), Rikon Traditional Machinery (Manufactured in China), Joseph Marples, Hamlet, Clifton, PAX + More (Manufactured in Sheffield), Samach by Oltre Pro Edgebanders and CNC Routing Machines (Manufactured in China), Maggi Power Feeders and Radial Arm Saws and Casadei Edgebanders (Manufactured in Italy), Redsail CNC / Routing and Laser Machinery (Manufactured in China) and Gildo Profilati Aluminium Edging (Manufatcured in Italy) and more.


[button link=”” color=”silver” window=”yes”]WHAT YOU CAN SEE AT AWISA[/button]

AWISA Magazine 2016
AWISA Magazine 2016
AWISA Magazine 2016
AWISA Magazine 2016

To register for tickets or book hotels and accommodation for the exhibition visit here.

See you in Melbourne!

Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays



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BLOG POST | CHRISTMAS is around the corner – SALE!

It’s that time of the year again… CHRISTMAS! Boy does it come around within the blink of an eye. In honour of Christmas and New Years – Beyond Tools is offering exclusive pre-christmas SALES for 4 days only! Great for all your gifting and holiday needs, whether that may be for DIY work – Hobbiests – Tradies – Crafts – We’ve got you covered.


Kicking of the holiday season; Beyond Tools ‘TOOL FOR ALL TRADES’ Gigantic Makita 1 DAY ONLY SALE will be held this Thursday 3rd December 9am-7pm.

TO EXTEND the holiday season – The Gigantic SALE will continue inshore FRIDAY 7AM-5PM + SATURDAY 8AM-5PM + SUNDAY 10AM-4PM till Christmas.

All tools, hand tools, tool boxes, machines etc will be reduced.

For more information see the BT Staff instore, visit our website or flick the sales team an email

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas from us here at BEYOND TOOLS to you.



12309388_10153098949046688_1156379847_n 12312329_10153098949116688_1695171956_n 12319327_10153098949126688_1962102400_n

Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays


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BLOG POST | NEW SUPPLIER ALERT – BT Machinery Department Refurb

Make way for a exiting news because BEYOND TOOLS is refurbin
g the Machinery section – with a whole new range of Machinery being stocked in store!

All our heavy duty Industrial panel process
ing machinery is now decked out on our MEGA mezzanine floor. With our DIY / hobbiest / woodworking equipment being re-arranged just in time for Christmas and the New Year and huge clearances.

WATCH THIS SPACE and keep updated via Instagram @beyondtools . Facebook and/or visit our website at

12212131_10153071487156688_1080843741_n12212131_10153071487111688_1599127788_n 12212398_10153071486931688_1670429163_n

If you would like to schedule an appointment with BT machinery expert email us at or drop in-store.

Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays

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BLOG POST | October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are proud to announce our support towards this great cause. During the month of October we’ll be offering a range of McGrath Foundation PPE products for sale, with every item purchased contributing funds to their Breast Care Nurses Program. We urge all our customers to get on board and “go pink” for October and help us make a difference!


Shop McGrath Foundation products here or in store.


Learn more about the McGrath Foundation here:-


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BLOG POST | Fathers Day celebrations galore – MANCAVE x THE MONK BREWERY

Father’s day, Sunday 6th September, is the day when families, food and loved ones come together and spend good quality time creating enjoyable memories (not to mention, overfill there stomachs with delish food and booze)!

This year – Beyond Tools in Malaga have teamed up with The Monk Brewery in Fremantle to bring Fathers and their family the ultimate Pop-up Man Cave. Mixing beer and food with big boys toys and products!

What more could a person possibly ask for?

Honor thy Father and have your Fathers Day Lunch at The Monk Brewery for a $60 set menu of your choice, and kids eat free. Browse the Beyond Tools popup store and enjoy the strips atmosphere and beautiful sunny weather!

For more information contact or call 9336 7666 to secure your reservation.

Social media pages can be reached at @beyondtools for Instagram and Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Open in-store from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-5pm Sat . Closed Public Holidays